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We remove prejudices

Trainings and workshops

They are focused on people with special disabilities and help to overturn the stereotypes that are still present in our society. They are run by specialists experienced in working with people with special needs, which helps to understand this particular social group better and to develop a space for cooperation that would be mutually beneficial.

Customer service for people with disabilities

This training provides knowledge about the types and degrees of disability, legal acts regarding disability in Poland, appropriate attitude and behavior when servicing clients with various types of disabilities, and makes the perticipants more sensible towards these clients.

Disabled co-worker

This training is addressed to those who work with people with disabilities. It sensitizes the particiants to the subject of disability and shapes the appropriate attitudes of employees whose collegues are disabled.

Employing people with disabilities

This training is addressed to employers who want to hire disabled people, as well as to managers and employees who will cooperate with disabled people. The purpose of the training is to show that disabled people can work professionally and are valuable employees.

Patients with special needs

This training is intended for healthcare employees providing medical services as part of Primary Heath Care. The training focuses on communication with people with special needs (including disabled people) and ensuring appropriate standards of service for this group of patients.

Order a training course using the contact form or write us an email: contact@foundationbwb.org