'Accessible business means equal opportunities' Adrian FurmanFounder, member of the Accessibility Council

Our activities

Foundation's programs

we professionally activate people with disabilities and undertake initiatives aimed at providing them with broadly understood accessibility

Recruitment of employees with disabilities

we recruit only the effective and best employees with disabilities, promoting an open labor market

Digital accessibility audits

we check the compliance of websites and mobile applications with WCAG requirements

Architectural accessibility audits

we study the accessibility of public facilities and spaces for people with disabilities

Audit of communication and information accessibility

we indicate methods and forms of communication, adapting them for the people with special needs

Grant applications

we help various institutions in the preparation of grant applications to improve accessibility

Our partners

Work without barriers employment Agency for deaf people

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Each cooperation is important and unique to us, which is why we prepare a dedicated offer tailored to each project and individually discuss the form of partnership with each of our sponsors.

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SCR Certificate Ambassadors


By cooperating with us, you will receive a certificate of our original Business Without Barriers program. Its main goal is the effective professional activation of people with disabilities and the promotion of an open labor market for all - regardless of age, health condition or type of disability. The certificate confirms that your company supports activities aimed at providing equal professional opportunities. The program is run on our behalf by a substantive partner of the Foundation, Grupa AF.

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