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About us

About us

The aims of the Business Without Barriers Foundation are supporting and promoting professional activation of people with disabilities, creating a labor market open to their needs and, through appropriate preparation, increasing their chances for employment.

Even start

We want to create and co-create a world in which disabled people do not feel as a burden and are not convinced that they are incompetent, but pursue their dreams and are professionally active, choosing a job that is consistent with their predispositions and skills. They work, earning their living and developing their passions.


We take our mission extremely seriously. We engage available resources and resources in our activities, we do not cease in our efforts to expand the scope of our capabilities. Thanks to that we can help create a better tomorrow for the foundation's beneficiaries.



Atmosphere of support, mutual respect, trust and concern. Sensitivity helps us understand individual expectations and adjust our actions to the different life situations of people we care for.


We follow available possibilities, observe trends and adapt activities to the dynamically changing and developing labor market, constantly seeking new solutions in the scope of offered assistance.



We operate in a transparent and transparent manner. We have no hidden intentions, and the direct and primary aim of the foundation's activity is to offer help to those who need it.


We are aware that our actions have an impact on the environment, so we make sure that this impact is always positive. We act in a mature, conscious and responsible way, according to the fair play principles and using empathy.

Say STOP to exclusion

Say STOP to exclusion

Due to health dysfunctions, people with disabilities often feel excluded, due to marginalization of their social, family or professional roles. Moreover, the current labor market is rather unstable, demanding and extremely competitive - it does not make it easier to find a job. RatherFor people with disabilities these difficulties are particularly severe. An additional difficulty, intensifying the problem, are the internal emotional barriers of people affected by disability.

We would like to show that having a disability does not mean a person needs to withdraw from social and professional life. Limitations mean only that he or she needs to follow the right path, matched to individual conditions, and do not force isolation which too often turns out to be a choice.

Mutual benefits

It is said that the current labor market in Poland is an "employee market". According to the 2018 report from the survey about employers' moods ,"Badania nastrojów pracodawców", made by the Lewiatan Confederation, as many as 83% of employers connects the problems with development of their businesses with the difficulty in finding employees; what is more, over 60% of employers state general difficulties in finding competent employees. The number of disabled and profesionally inactive people in Poland exceeds 1,2 million. The volume of employment of disabled people is also worrying - in Poland it is currently every fourth disabled person, while in the European Union - every second one. Numbers don't lie. People with disabilities can be a very strong group of excellent, competent employees, ready to commit themselves to their professional roles. The benefits would be mutual. By opening their doors to the needs of employees with disabilities, employers can create teams that perfectly fit into the mission of their organizations. On the other hand, disabled people can activate themselves professionally, and by doing so changing their reality, overcoming harmful stereotypes and finding a developing motivation for self-realization. It is also worth to mention the advantage of disabled employees over healthy people. They are often extremely committed, conscientious employees, appreciating the professional roles that were entrusted to them.

Mutual benefits

Important life roles - a way to success

The sense of accomplishment in a professional role is just as important for healthy people as for the disabled ones. Perhaps, because of stereotypes and the sense of exclusion that often affects disabled people, it is even more important for them. A sense of independence, faith in their own potential and capabilities, give each person happiness, a sense of self-agency, strength to overcome life's difficulties and of course - which is not without significance - money. Eliminating isolation, withdrawal and remaining open to the world allows a person to feel social affiliation, reduces barriers as well as harmful and unfair beliefs about incapability. One of the basic principles of rehabilitation, on the way back to normal functioning, is to regain a sense of control and faith in the possibility of achieving success. Interpersonal relationships developed at work are also invaluable, which in the case of both, healthy and disabled people, can turn into priceless acquaintances, friendships and romantic relationships.

Business Without Barriers Foundation – programmes supporting professional activity of disabled people

Ging back to normality

We support employment in the open labour market.

Modern Technologies

We create projects focused on vocational training in the field of IT, enabling to get a sought-after job that can be performed remotely.

Overcoming barriers

We organize pro health projects: rehabilitation, therapy (also in online form), support groups, we develop a package of services for those who want to help with professional activation of disabled people.

Extensive conceptual, substantive and practical support

We prepare and implement project plans in the area of professional and social equality - trainings, know-how about organization of workplaces, starting businesses, enterprise incubators, and many more.

Innovative approach

We develop projects in the area of e-tools usage, aiming to support people with disabilities.

Wide spectrum of activities for disabled people

We actively engage in cooperations with initiatives that promote openness and friendly attitude towards people with dysfunctions. We know their problems and we know how the availability of public spaces looks like and what barriers it creates. That is why we pay particular attention to removing these obstacles and finding the best solutions. We perform audits of buildings checking their availability to all users and we present a number of available solutions that can be implemented to make the audited spaces open to everyone. We carry out digital audits of websites and mobile applications, paying particular attention to the availability of resources to all users, no matter their age, health status, disabilities, wealth and other criteria.

We promote and implement equality. We strive for changes that would result in equal opportunities, openness, favorable treatment and reduction of marginalization of people with disabilities. We know beyond any doubt that building a reality in which everyone can find their professional place is a world without exclusion that leads to emotional, social and financial problems. Everyone would benefit from it.

Adrian Furman - Founder of Foundation

There is no conflict between ethics and profit. Adrian Furman has followed this original motto since the beginning of his business career. The CEO and founder of Grupa AF sp. z. o. o. and Poland IT-Lab LLC, a company based in the U.S., is often called the Stephen Hawking of business. What the two gentlemen have in common is not only their disability, but also their strength of character. They both believed they are able reach the stars. Hawking broke this barrier in science, Furman proved that every physical weakness can be forged into power – also in business. This is how the brand Grupa AF, specializing in IT and business consulting in a broad sense, was created.

His constant willingness to create a positive image of disabled people became a driving force of Grupa AF. His aspirations and life experience shaped the mission of his company in a natural way. There are 24 people with disabilities working in Grupa AF, but their efforts are a proof that on the open labor market they are not “different” in the sense of “lesser”.

After numerous successes and many instructive failures, the company was valued by independent bodies to over PLN 12 million. The income in 2017 was PLN 7.4 million, and in 2018 PLN - 9 million. As Adrian Furman states: only good relations with people, based on mutual respect, will pay off with profits.

Grupa AF brought to life a foundation “Biznes Bez Barier” (“Business without Barriers”), which is a kind of a Think Tank dedicated to principles of availability of information presented on-line to disabled people. It carries out audits, based on the UE regulations, to check if interned sites and mobile applications of public bodies are created according to legal requirements. The foundation also helps disabled people to enter the labor market.

Adrian Furman takes active part in all kind of business events and panels. He publishes his articles and features on a blog run by the “WPROST” weekly magazine. He also supports young people, giving motivational lectures in high schools. He acts as a mentor on conferences dedicated to business and new technologies. He was invited to many international events, e.g. European Economic Congress in Katowice, one of the biggest meetings on business services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Notable distinctions

  • “Polish Investments of the Future” a special award from the Minister of Investment and Economic Development, Jerzy Kwieciński, for unconventional approach to business and his work to support disabled people.
  • a member of the state program Dostępność Plus (Availibility Plus) of the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, Its main goal is to make every public service or building available to all citizens, without any barriers and obstacles, no matter their age, health condition or kind of disability.
  • Ambassador of the Unites States to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, in her official letter, expressed her appreciation and approval for his business achievements, wishing him good luck with development of his company in the U.S.

Grupa AF business profile

Grupa AF specializes in comprehensive support of companies in the area of IT, marketing and business consulting. The company carries out various projects and implements optimal solutions, helping the clients to increase their competitiveness and achieve certain business objectives.

For over 8 years Grupa AF has been carrying out projects for numerous local and international brands. KGHM, GRYCAN, FedEx, 4F, Mostostal, TUI, are just a few of them.

Grupa AF

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The main sponsor of the foundation, Poland IT Lab

Poland IT Lab

Poland IT-Lab LCC A company in the United States, started by Adrian Furman, CEO of Grupa AF. It specializes in IT services and modern communication technologies.